Welcome To Refine Medical Spa, Chicago’s First Physician On Site Medical Spa

Refine Medical Spa, Chicago’s plastic surgery alternative, offers cutting edge anti-ageing  therapies and treatments. Founded by Doctor Bonnie Vulich in 2003, Refine Medical Spa invites you to browse our pages and make an appointment for a complimentary consultation. Whether you are interested in weight loss, skin care, injectables or body shaping, Doctor Vulich will be happy to explain the best individualized treatments to achieve your desired goals.


 Special offers and Upcoming Events:

   Lose 20 Lbs by Christmas!

Would you like to lose a pound a day and be in shape for the holidays?  Start losing weight today,  quickly and safely, with the support of a physician and a behavioral therapist.

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 Get in shape quickly with CoolSculpt®

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Join us for a special event!

Would you like relief from embarrassing incontinence, painful sex, dryness and itchiness without surgical intervention or dangerous hormone treatments?

Refine Medical Spa in Chicago offering Votiva® Vaginal Rejuvenation, an amazing, fast acting treatment developed to help urinary incontinence, strengthen the pelvic  floor, and tighten and tone lax muscles, especially after childbirth and menopause.

Call us at 312. 867-0600 to schedule an session for  Votiva® Vaginal Rejuvenation. 25% off regular pricing!

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