Laser Technology and Beauty

Remaining youthful with Botox and Injectables

The pursuit of beauty and youth seems to be prevalent in our society. We live longer, are healthier and more active, and we want to look it as well. Some of us are fortunate enough to be wealthy but others must remain in the workforce –  and appearing youthful is a necessity in a competitive economy.

To that end, we work out, color our hair, and maintain good eating habits. In years past, rich women and celebrities resorted to painful face lifts to achieve a youthful appearance but in most cases, such radical intervention is not necessary to build volume and prevent wrinkles.

We now have Botox, which lifts and erases lines on our foreheads and crow’s feet; and facial fillers, such as the Juvederm family of injectables, which replace lost volume. People as young as their twenties have embraced these modalities as preventatives and to subtly reshape their own features, e.g: fuller lips or more prominent cheekbones.

Nevertheless, the quality of our skin is a telltale giveaway to our age and that is where the use of aesthetic technologies, such as cosmetic lasers come into play.


What do Lasers do?

Lasers have the ability to treat almost every skin condition from rosacea to broken capillaries and can remove unwanted hair, undo sun damage, and remove age spots and hyper-pigmentation. Some can tighten skin and reduce cellulite.

How do Lasers work?

Aesthetic lasers work by directing heat to targeted parts of the body that need to be treated while other parts remain unaffected. Various laser beams (light frequencies) are used to correct underlying issues or to create new collagen growth.

Types of laser technologies

We have a variety of lasers and applicators at Refine Medical Spa. Dr. Bonnie Vulich, our founder, specializes in aesthetic procedures and anti-ageing medicine. She can direct you to the best treatment or combination of treatments for your specific problems.


Our Lasers

InMode Diolaze hair removal targets the root of the hair follicle. A diode laser beam passes through your skin to penetrate the hair follicles. The laser energy heats up the root of the hair follicle causing it to die off, which in turn prevents future hair growth. In this way, Diolaze reduces the number of sessions necessary to get hair free skin. Diolaze has a built in skin cooling effect, which makes the procedure comfortable and painless.

Diolaze can be safely used on most areas of the body with unwanted hair growth, including:

  • Bikini area
  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Shoulders
  • Stomach
  • Neck
  • Chin
  • Hairline


Inmode Lumecca

Lumecca is a revolutionary IPL (intense pulsed light) device that delivers photo-rejuvenation in one to two treatments rather than the standard four to six.  Lumecca photorejuvenation treats a range of issues such as sun damage, wrinkles, age spots, freckles, spider veins, vascular lesions, and rosacea. It can improve overall skin texture and be used on all areas of the body.

Your skin might appear redder for a couple of days but it can be covered up by make-up. Avoid strenuous activity, exercising, or hot showers for forty-eight hours after your treatment, as heating the skin could affect the efficacy of the treatment.

InMode Fractora is the most advanced fractional radio-frequency treatment providing anti-aging improvements to skin tone and texture for a more radiant appearance through ablation and skin resurfacing. Fractora can be used in areas that have fine or deep wrinkles, on acne scars, scars, or discolored red and brown areas. It can be used on eyelids, smile lines, neck, mouth, cheeks, and forehead, among other areas. Results will be apparent immediately but will be best after two weeks.

Fractora is minimally invasive and uses micropins, much like microneedeling, to resurface and rejuvenate the skin, while heat penetrates deep layers in the skin to boost collagen growth resulting in a youthful appearance.


Votiva Vaginal Rejuvenation

Votiva delivers vaginal rejuvenation that works on the internal and external tissue of the vagina without the need for painful surgery or significant downtime. Votiva increases blood flow and sensitivity, increases elasticity, and tightens sagging tissues of the labia and vulva.

Please click here to read more about Votiva.

Venus Legacy

Venus Legacy is a cutting-edge FDA approved technology that utilizes multi-polar radio frequencies and pulsed magnetic fields that cause a thermal reaction in the tissue that stimulates the body’s natural healing response.

Venus Legacy is used for two specific purposes:

  • tightening loose and sagging skin, common during the aging process and after weight loss or childbirth.
  • reducing cellulite, which is caused by underlying fat deposits that give the skin a dimpled or lumpy appearance.

To read more about cellulite reduction, please click here.

To read more about skin tightening, please click here.


When you come in to Refine Medical Spa in Chicago’s vibrant Streeterville, Dr. Bonnie Vulich will offer you a complimentary consultation to determine which treatment or combination of treatments would be best to address your needs and goals. Call today to make an appointment 312.867-0600.

Winterize Your Skin

Winter Skin

Winter can wreak havoc on our skin particularly as we move from the cold outdoors into our heated homes and work environments.

Wind, precipitation, and dropping temperatures can leave us with dry, flaky patches, or grey dull skin from lack of cell turnover.  Redness and rosacea can become unmanageable.

winter-landscape-2995987_1920 (1)

Our Top 10 Tips for Maintaining Your Skin

You can spend a fortune on products but good skin comes from the outside in.

  1. Wrap your scarf around your face. There’s a reason the bedu wrapped shemaghs around their faces. It was to have protection from the elements.
  2. Forgo processed foods. Nothing is worse for your skin that junk food and sugary carbs.
  3. Remember dairy is inflammatory. Many skin problems vanish when we stop consuming gluten, grains, and dairy.
  4. Good fats like avocado and olive oil contain essential fatty acids and nutrients to feed your skin, as do fatty fish.
  5. Forgo hot baths and showers. They feel so good, but they are so drying. Settle for tepid instead.
  6. Just because you don’t feel as thirsty as you do in summer, doesn’t mean you should stop drinking water. Remember hydration doesn’t just happen when you drink liquids. Fruits and vegetables are essential to keeping your tissues supple and healthy.
  7. Try rose hip oil, avocado, almond oil for after shower moisturizing. Sometimes, natural really is best and most compatible with skin.
  8. Use a mild liquid facial cleanser mixed with table sugar for an effective scrub. Or make a mask from raw honey or aloe Vera. Japanese women swear by rice water, Eastern Europeans by egg whites. Inexpensive, easy to use and naturally biocompatible.
  9. Don’t overwork your skin with elaborate skin care routines. On a daily basis, sometimes less can be more.
  10. Get a facial.


Winter Facials.

  1. Silk Peel

The perfect winter facial. DermalInfusion three- in -one advanced skin-resurfacing treatment simultaneously exfoliates, extracts, and infuses skin for a 70% increase in volume.

2. Queen Bee

Exclusive to Refine Medical Spa, the Queen Bee facial combines Silk Peel with the skin tightening effects of Venus Legacy, a cutting-edge technology that utilizes multi-polar radio frequency and pulsed magnetic fields that cause a thermal reaction in the tissue that stimulates the body’s natural healing response.

3. The PRP or Vampire Facial is done using your own drawn blood that is centrifuged to separate the platelet-rich plasma, which is then applied directly to the skin. The platelets are high in growth hormone, and the microneedling stimulates the skin to regenerate. The entire procedure stimulates cell turnover. PRP can be combined with AquaGold’s superfine micro-needles to gently deliver a custom blended serum designed specifically for your needs into your skin.


The better you care for your skin today, the less you will need to do (and spend) as you age.